Gallium Nitride & Power Systems, a perfect pair

Unlocking the true potential of Gallium Nitride (GaN) with the world’s first GaN-on-GaN power semiconductor, NexGen Vertical GaN™

Simple GaN-on-GaN 3D structure and scalable roadmap

High-Density Vertical JFET provides scalable, high conductivity power switch JFET channel utilizes high bulk GaN mobility to achieve a low overall RDSon Device structure enables robust edge termination for full avalanche capability innovative design patented by NexGen.

Leverage 3D architecture to scale

NexGen Vertical GaN™ devices can leverage the 3D architecture for increasing current by growing in X and Y dimensions and increasing voltage by growing thicker EPI layers. This allows for a reliable, robust, and scalable architecture to make the perfect high voltage and high current power semiconductor.

Lateral Architectures lack Scalability

Lateral architectures do not allow for easy scalability to higher voltages and currents. The device architecture must grow laterally for both increased current and voltage and vertical growth is limited due to the already thick EPI material due to the insulating buffer layers. This leads to a larger, less reliable power semiconductor.

Best-in-class temperature coefficient

  • 1.6 for Vertical GaN™ vs. 2.25 for HEMT and 2.3 for Si SJ devices
  • A 70mΩ Vertical GaN™ has an effective RDSon of 112mΩ at 150C
  • This is comparable to a 50mΩ GaN-on-Si or Si SJ device

Lowest cost and better switching performance than SiC.

  • 44% better FOM than SiC for Soft switching
  • 47% better FOM than SiC for Hard switching
  Coss Co(tr) FOM
Soft SW
Co(er) FOM
Hard SW
at 150oC
NexGen 170mΩ 12pF 21.9pF 5900 16.6 4500 270mΩ
270mΩ SiC (Scaled) 32pF 56pF 13400 40 9600 240mΩ
Vertical Gan vs SiC 0.38 0.39 0.44 0.42 0.47 1.13

World’s only demonstrated single and repetitive avalanche robust.

  • Reliable GaN-on-GaN structure
  • Ability to weed out weak devices based on avalanche testing
  • Applying best practices of Silicon product testing to Vertical GaN™
  • Not possible with GaN-on-Si devices
Blocking Voltage (V) 1200 > 800
Active Area (mm2) 7 0.14
Testing condition 25 s, repetitive 3 s, repetitive
Critical EAVA (mJ) 621 7∼10
Normalized EAVA (mJ/mm2) 82.7 71.4
Avalanche cycle numbers survived 180 5000 (best)

World’s only >10µs short circuit robustness.

  • Short-circuit test is a widely used criterion for power device
  • 10 µs is the usual minimal time that most over-voltage protection circuits can step in to protect
  • Only Si IGBT can achieve this today
  • SiC and GaN-on-Si HEMT devices cannot withstand >10µs SC at bus voltage > 400V

Tests performed by Virginia Tech / CPES, “Breakthrough Short Circuit Robustness Demonstrated in Vertical GaN Fin JFET” published in IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, VOL. 37, NO. 6, JUNE 2022

Vertical GaN is the perfect power semiconductor to meet and exceed power electronics market needs.