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As the world looks beyond silicon for the next generation of power electronics, NexGen Vertical GaN®, the world’s first GaN-on-GaN power semiconductor, unlocks the full potential of Gallium Nitride (GaN). It is the only wide band gap power semiconductor that provides high-voltage capabilities up to 4kV, switching frequencies up to 10 MHz, and avalanche and short-circuit robustness. This makes it an ideal power semiconductor for applications from LED Lighting and Computing to Data Centers and Electric Vehicles. NexGen is reinventing power electronics by making Vertical GaN a reality! The breakthrough technology and the scalable, software-configurable power platform enables the smallest, lightest, and most efficient power systems.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • What is NexGen Vertical GaN® Power Semiconductor Technology?
  • How does NexGen Vertical GaN® compare to other technologies?
  • Features of NexGen Vertical GaN®
  • Applications of Vertical GaN

Presented by:

Shahin Sharifzadeh
Co-CEO, NexGen Power Systems