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Scalability and time-to-market are major challenges power engineers face when trying to innovate. NexGen’s Power Platform incorporates the major building blocks needed for power systems enabling unmatched performance in unrivaled form factors.

It's time to level-up.

NexGen Power Platform

Scalable, software-configurable architecture enabling power systems from 20 W – 20 kW+

NexGen Vertical GaN® Powertrain

Powertrain built with NexGen Vertical GaN®: Breakthrough high-voltage 1+ MHz switching frequency technology as well as revolutionary mechanical, magnetics and thermal engineering

Merlin Power Engine

The world’s first 1 MHz+ digital powertrain controller enabling scalability and high efficiency

Core technology building blocks

We bring the very best in scalable power conversion technology so you can focus on product differentiation.

  • Powering the NexGen Platform with a new benchmark in power electronics

  • Delivering the World’s First 1+ MHz Switching Digital Powertrain Controller

  • planer magnet image

    Revolutionary magnetics and thermal engineering enabled through NexGen World-Class Systems Organization

GaN-on-GaN power semiconductors. GaN grown on GaN substrates.

Driving a new benchmark in power electronics

  • Built with GaN grown on a GaN substrate to reduce size and cost
  • Switching at a cutting-edge 1+ MHz, 100x the speed of Si and 6x GaN on Si
  • Inherently reliable with a 4kV breakdown voltage and Avalanche capability
  • Manufactured in NexGen’s 66,000/sq. ft state-of-the-art GaN Fab in Syracuse, NY
merlin image

World’s First 1+ MHz Switching Digital Powertrain Controller

  • Arm® Cortex®-M4 based controller for bridgeless totem pole PFC and LLC
  • Implements 1+MHz power control features through novel Software Algorithms
  • Enables interleaving of multiple phases for scalability to high power
  • Flexible and configurable to adapt to different power topologies
  • Easily interfaces with external connectivity and protocol
Planar Magnetics, wire-wound magnetics solutions for power systems.
planer magnet image

Innovation Beyond Power

Planar Magnetics eliminates outdated wire-wound magnetics solutions for power systems.

  • Provides reduction of noise sources with predictable parasitic effects
  • Has a low profile, flat windings, and better heat dissipation
  • Enables 10x lower leakage than current magnetic solutions in market
  • Excellent repeatability in manufacturing

NexGen Systems Engineering

Thermal Mechanical Magnetics Innovations

As in much of engineering, the practical application is critical requiring more than simply technical knowledge and understanding of power systems engineering. A deeper knowledge such as environmental impact, business, and economics also comes into play. The NexGen global team consists of industry veterans who bring deep domain expertise in designing, creating, testing, and operationalizing the world’s most efficient power conversion systems.

Enabling design flexibility that scales from 20 W to 20 kW+ for solutions in consumer, commercial, industrial markets, and automotive markets.
We’re just getting started
  • LED Lighting
  • Computing
  • Data Centers
  • Electric Mobility
20 W
20 kW+
And we’re just getting started

We are out to change the power electronics equation with highly proprietary technology solutions in discrete semiconductor devices, modules, and power system architectures that increase the efficiency of power conversion systems while dramatically reducing their cost, size, and weight.