Hi! Welcome to NexGen Power Systems. Nice to see you here.

Get ready to start using the NexSys 240W Ultra-Compact – A next-generation laptop power adapter with unmatched performance in an unparalleled size.

Below are some useful resources to help you get started. Following these simple guidelines will ensure trouble-free operation and optimal performance of the Power Adapter and compatible electronic devices.

NexSys 240 W Sample Quick Start Guide:

This video gives you a quick overview of NexSys 240W and its features, the sample box contents, and guidelines on how to operate the same.

NexSys 240 W Sample User Guide:

Before you start using the device, please review this user manual carefully to get better acquainted with the product. This guide gives you detailed information on the errata of the samples, operating modes tested and validated, and the specifications and certifications of the product. Please refer to the guide to properly use the NexSys 240W sample and prevent any potential damage.

Download User Guide

Download Test Reports