Vertical GaN technology power platform allows the smallest, most advanced computer power supply systems, anywhere.

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Today, power converters are everywhere. Electronics from LED lighting, electric vehicles, data centers to computers all require relatively bulky AC/DC power converters. The demand for higher performing, more efficient power electronics is growing exponentially, and traditional silicon solutions cannot keep up.

For 20 years, computer power supply units have been bricks.

Power supplies, especially computer power supplies have been large, bulky, heavy, and inefficient. We have all had to suffer through the pain of traveling with these outdated bricks, lugging them in our back-packs and travel bags. Today’s computer platforms have evolved to the point of fitting in our back-pocket, but their power supply units have simply not evolved for decades.

Turns out it’s the technology.

The semiconductor technology at the heart of these power supplies has not evolved since Si Super-junction MOSFETs transformed how transistors conducted current. A simple teardown of a typical power supply shows the root cause of why a power brick is aptly called a “brick”.

Most of the space is taken up by the inductors, capacitors, and transformers because the fundamental switching device, typically a Silicon based power transistor, switching no more than 50-100kHz. Some modern power transistors push this to 200kHz but this does nothing significant to the end power supply size, weight, and efficiency.

Introducing the NexSys 240W Ultra-Compact

A next-generation laptop power adapter with unmatched performance in an unparalleled size

NexSys 240W Ultra-Compact ac dc, laptop power adapter.

>30% Lighter >15% Smaller >30% Reduced Power Loss

The smallest, most efficient PSU in the world

NexSys 240W GAN charger, ac dc power adaptor provides 2.5x more power.

Compared to typical and best-in-class 230W PSU

most efficient image2

Compared to best-in-class 96W PSU

By leveraging NexGen’s Vertical GaN technology, the NexSys 240W provides the industry’s highest power density enabling >15% smaller and >30% lighter size than typical power supplies, and also cuts the power losses by >30%. Compared to a standard laptop power supply, the NexSys 240W provides 2.5x more power in almost the same form factor and weight.

This is enabled by a platform based design that is the world’s first commercial power supply specifically designed to switch at 1-3MHz. In comparison to today’s standards, even best in class, there is no smaller more efficient power supply in the world.

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Next-generation gallium nitride PSUs require a next generation power platform

Built on a scalable, software configurable power platform, the NexSys 240W is designed to scale up and down the power levels to address the entire compute market space. From 100W mobile power adapters to 1kW Flex ATX power supplies, whether it is business or gaming, or high performance computing, the NexGen power platform has the solution for all your compute power needs.

NexGen Power Platform

Vertical GaN

Enhancement mode JFETs

The world’s most efficient, reliable, and scalable GaN power transistors

Merlin Power Engine

Power Controller

Enables Power factor correction (PFC) at 1+MHz switching

Planar Magnetics


Higher power density with up to ten fold lower leakage than classical transformers

Software configurable Merlin Power Engine™

World’s First 1+ MHz Switching Digital Powertrain Controller

5 patents in progress • Scalable from 75W to 3kW+

Commercializing NexGen’s Power Platform

The NexSys 240 integrates all aspects of the NexGen Power Platform to create a differentiated, next-generation system solution.

GaN chargers, The future of power systems

Imagine compute power supplies so small and efficient that they literally live inside the end of power cord plugs. Now imagine that same level of efficiency and size reduction in computing power supplies ranging from high-end gaming PCs to data centers. It’s not just the future of power systems, the core technology is here today.

NexGen Vertical GaN™ power systems operating at speeds above 1+MHz
NexGen Vertical GaN™ power systems operating at speeds above 1+MHz
NexGen Vertical GaN™ power systems operating at speeds above 1+MHz

*Size reduction based on near future NexGen Vertical GaN® power systems operating at speeds above 1+MHz, switching at 10,000 kHz.