A Power Platform Bringing Revolutionary Power Technology to Life

Scalability and time-to-market are major challenges power engineers face when trying to innovate. NexGen’s Power Platform incorporates the major building blocks needed for power systems while enabling next-generation designs.

It's time to level-up.

NexGen’s Power Platform ensures you have the very best in scalable power conversion so you can focus on product differentiation.

NexGen Power Platform

power platform image

Vertical GaN™ technology at the core


Merlin Power Engine software-controlled architecture


Innovative Planar Magnetics value-add to system


The perfect power semiconductor.

Powering a new benchmark in power electronics

  • Built with GaN grown on a GaN substrate to reduce size and cost
  • Switching at a cutting-edge 1+ MHz, 100x the speed of Si and 6x GaN on Si
  • Inherently reliable with a 4kV breakdown voltage and Avalanche capability
  • Manufactured in NexGen’s 66,000/sq. ft state-of-the-art Fab in Syracuse, NY
merlin image

World’s First 1+ MHz Switching Digital Powertrain Controller

Delivering advanced power control with a microcontroller-based system that enables high frequency switching of Vertical GaN™.

  • Arm® Cortex®-M4 based controller for bridgeless totem pole PFC and LLC
  • Implements 1+MHz power control features through novel Software Algorithms
  • Enables interleaving of multiple phases for scalability to high power
  • Flexible and configurable to adapt to different power topologies
  • Easily interfaces with external connectivity and protocols
planer magnet image

Innovation Beyond Power

Planar Magnetics eliminates outdated wire-wound magnetics solutions for power systems.

  • Provides reduction of noise sources with predictable parasitic effects
  • Has a low profile, flat windings, and better heat dissipation
  • Enables 10x lower leakage than current magnetic solutions in market
  • Excellent repeatability in manufacturing

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Introducing the NexSys 240W, a prime example of the promise of Vertical GaN™

Decades old silicon base power conversion systems have reached their limits in solving today’s power system challenges around size, efficiency, and power density. NexGen’s GaN-on-GaN (Vertical GaN™) power conversion technology is driving unique forms of product innovation that’s deliver game changing competitive advantages.

Unmatched performance in an unparalleled size

A new generation of ultra compact, ultra powerful computing and gaming power supply, The NexSys 240W is the first 240W power system that is 61% smaller, 45% lighter, and cuts the power losses down in half compared to the standard power supplies. It’s the new best-in-class for size and power.

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94% Efficiency 20 W/in3 Power Density 61% Smaller in Volume 45% Lighter

Commercializing NexGen’s Power Platform

The NexSys 240 integrates all aspects of the NexGen Power Platform to create a differentiated, next-generation system solution.