Our vision is to create the smallest, lightest, most cost-effective power conversion systems in the world.

Power conversion systems are at the heart of almost every electronic device from home appliances to data centers, laptops, and electric cars. They are what help convert an AC source to DC either as an adapter that plugs into the wall or as component internal to the device. The technology is a pervasive part of a $68 billion global market. The problem is, today’s power systems are based on decades-old technology that is large, inefficient and run hot. That wastes energy… and money. 

We’re out to change all that…

NexGen Power Systems is changing the power electronics equation with highly proprietary technology solutions in discrete semiconductor devices, modules, and system architectures that increase the efficiency of power conversion systems while dramatically reducing their cost, size, and weight.

Power-hungry electronics are becoming more and more ubiquitous, generating unprecedented demand for more efficient power conversion. The power conversion market is staged for tremendous growth. However, today’s underlying technologies are greatly antiquated and unable to keep up with our insatiable desire for smaller, lighter, more efficient and cost-effective solutions.

NexGen Power Systems recognized early on that revolutionary changes to this change averse market would only come through transformational innovation in the heart of all power conversion systems—the semiconductor switch or transistor. A switch that could operate at much higher frequencies and voltages would enable conversion circuit topologies that are inherently more efficient and conducive to passive component reduction.

We have assembled a world-class team of engineers with proven track records in inventing, developing, and commercializing semiconductor and power conversion technologies. Our roadmap of exciting new products will continue to revolutionize the power systems landscape in consumer and industrial applications.