NexGen New College Grads Careers

Company Overview

NexGen Power Systems designs and manufactures gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors for the $4.8B high-voltage (1200 V) power transistor market. GaN makes transistors that are 10 times faster than silicon (Si) power devices enabling economically significant improvements in sophisticated power systems in their physical size, cost and efficiency. GaN offers a quantum leap over Si in power management performance and has significant cost, performance and reliability advantages. Applications for GaN transistors include server power supplies for Data Centers, Motor Drives, Electric Cars and Solar Inverters.

NexGen Power Systems is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It builds the GaN power devices in a state-of-the-art fabrication facility located in Syracuse, New York.

Applications Engineer


The candidate’s role is to develop high performance switch mode power supply (SMPS) demonstrations using new device technology and to evaluate the performance of advanced semiconductor switching devices. NexGen’s new device technology enables a substantial increase in performance characteristics such as switching frequency and efficiency.Therefore, it is expected that demonstrators with NexGen’s devices will surpass existing industry standards. In summary the role is to:

  • Develop high performance SMPS demonstrations with advanced features beyond the current industry standard
  • Evaluate the performance and characteristics of a new generation of GaN transistors and diodes
  • Write white papers, application notes, and/or articles about high performance SMPS using advanced GaN switching devices
  • Promote NexGen’s advanced GaN devices in customer meetings, industry conferences and the like.

Skills / Knowledge

An ideal candidate should be an excellent team player and can develop advanced AC/DC and DC/DC SMPS. Such a candidate should be familiar with the basic design flow of a switch mode power supply. In addition,a candidate should also be capable of modeling and designing a power supply and its critical components. A suitable candidate must have a good understanding of semiconductor components typically used in SMPS.

The capability to learn quickly and familiarize oneself with new concepts is essential

In summary, an excellent candidate should possess the following:

  • Experience in designing, building and debugging switch mode power supplies
  • Knowledge of fundamental SMPS topologies and their applications
  • Basic knowledge of magnetic components and their application in SMPS
  • Knowledge of semiconductor devices commonly used in SMPS and their influence on application operation and performance.A good understanding of Silicon MOSFET parameters and device operation is necessary. Exposure to GaN devices is a plus
  • Familiarity with control theory concepts
  • Good writing, verbal and presentation skills.
  • The candidate should be able to work result oriented with minimum guidance and supervision

Additional desirable skills and/or knowledge:

  • Hand-on experience in working with SMPS designs
  • Experience with analysis tools and methods (i.e. Python-based scripting, MATLAB, etc)
  • Experience with circuit simulators (e.g. Spice or derivatives)
  • Experience with schematic capture and PCB layout tools

Experience & Education

The candidate must have an BS degree in Electrical Engineering.

The position is suitable for College or University graduates, provided that the candidate has participated successfully in switched mode power supply and semiconductor device physics relevant courses. The candidate should have also gained practical experience in working with SMPS applications either during University/College projects or during internships

Job Location: Santa Clara, California

To apply, send resume to