Unlocking the potential of tomorrow’s lighting systems

Lighting systems today need to be sleeker, smarter, and higher performance to meet the needs of modern commercial, living, and working spaces. NexGen’s Helios™ LED Power Modules, based on game-changing Vertical GaN™ technology, is unique and scalable, enabling lighting manufacturers and designers to meet energy requirements while providing the features and benefits users desire.

Lighting Systems are Evolving


The trend of LED Driver miniaturization allows for more aesthetically pleasing, compact Lighting Designs.


Consumers want more from their Smart Lighting systems through sensors, connectivity and control.

Higher Performance

Emerging Higher performance Lighting applications such as horticulture demand more from LED power technology.

Introducing NexGen Helios™ Power Modules

Highest Power Density & More Lumens

  • Integrates 1+MHz switching Vertical GaN
  • 2x higher power density than market
  • Enables LED driver SKU reduction

High Performance & Quality of Light

  • High Efficiency, High Power Factor, Low THD
  • Achieves stringent regulatory standards
  • Enables flicker-free light and smooth dimming/dim-to-off

Advanced Power Control

  • Integrated architecture combines power control and dimming
  • Interfaces with smart connectivity
  • Deep Dimming range of <1%

NexGen Helios™ Universal 20W Isolated Power Module

The world’s smallest and most efficient LED Power Module.

NL020S specifications
Size 2.09in X 1.26in X 1.0in
Power Density 7.6 W/in3
Output Voltage 24V – 42V
Efficiency 85%

The NexGen Helios™ Universal 20W Isolated Power Module (NL020S) enables sleeker, smarter, and higher performance indoor and outdoor lighting applications with revolutionary NexGen Vertical GaN™ technology.

Enabling Best-in-Class Form Factors

NexGen Helios™ delivers power density that is 2x higher on average than competitive LED drivers.

NexGen Helios™ 20W Non-Isolated Power Module

Scalable LED downlight driver platform with best-in-class efficiency, power density, and switching speed.

NL020N Specifications
Size 1.81in X 1.61in X 0.59in
Power Density 12.6 W/in3
Output Voltage 24V – 42V
Efficiency 88%

The form factor of a downlight driver integrated NexGen Helios™ is the same as current best-in-class 16W competitive downlight drivers. This allows for 35% more Lumens output in the exact same form factor – with room to miniaturize even more.

And it doesn’t stop there

NexGen’s vertically integrated power platform enables innovation across the entire lighting Industry.


20W - 60W


60W - 100W


100W - 250W


250W - 1+kW