We accelerate breakthroughs inpower system design that advance our world

NexGen is changing the power electronics equation and helping our customers stay ahead of the competition by providing them solutions for a more sustainable world.

We build innovative Vertical-GaN based systems that enable the next generation of power conversion. Smaller, lighter, and more efficient, our NexGen Vertical-GaN™ based software-scalable power systems have the lowest power losses at the highest power density compared to competitors. 

Experts in power devices and system solutions — positioned to deliver innovation.

Global team

Over 60 engineers and 1,000+ years combined experience in semiconductors and energy.

Board of Directors

Over 150 years experience in semiconductor and energy industries.

Technical advisory board

Includes academic and industry influencers with over 140 years experience.

10 PhDs

All with strong track records delivering new technologies

The future of power systems

Looking at a best in class laptop charger to illustrate a point, imagine power supply so small and efficient that it literally live inside the end of the power cord. Now imagine the same across LED lighting, computing, datacenters, electric vehicles, and more. That’s the future we are making happen.

*Size reduction based on near future NexGen Vertical GaN™ power systems operating at speeds above 1+MHz, switching at 10,000 kHz.

Changing the Power Equation

Software and System Architecture built on Vertical GaN

NexGen's Power Platform brings the maximum value of this revolutionary technology to customers in the shortest amount of time.

Software and System Architecture built on Vertical GaN

NexGen's Power Platform brings the maximum value of this revolutionary technology to customers in the shortest amount of time.

Harnessing the full potential of GaN

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NexGen’s dedicated state-of-the-art, 66,000/sq. ft. R&D and manufacturing GaN FAB1 facility in Syracuse, New York is fully operational and ready to scale to meet customer demand.

One mind is powerful – a team is limitless

With over 100 years of combined experience our management team brings together a unique set of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. Every day we are tackling problems and pushing boundaries to create the most efficient and compact power systems in the world.

Dinesh ramanathan image

Dr. Dinesh Ramanathan has 25 years of semiconductor experience including 4 years as CEO of Avogy Inc. and 9 years as the EVP of Cypress managing the Programmable Systems Division and the Data Communications Division.

Shahin Sharifzadeh image

Dr. Shahin Sharifzadeh has over 30 years of semiconductor experience and was most recently the SVP of World-wide Operations at Atmel. Before Atmel, Shahin was the EVP of Technology and World-wide Manufacturing at Cypress.

Christopher Gaudet image

Christopher Gaudet has 20 years of experience in Finance and Operations at SunEdison, Terraform Global, Altierre and 3Degrees, leading multiple financing rounds and the IPO of Terraform Global.

Cliff Drowley image

Dr. Cliff Drowley who has over 40 years of experience in semiconductor technology development and commercialization. His previous experience includes HP, Motorola, Cypress (VP), SMIC (Senior Fellow) and Ningbo Semiconductor (CTO).

Kamal Haddad image

Kamal Haddad, Kamal brings over 20-years of global semiconductor industry experience in sales and marketing leadership roles. Most recently, he served Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Infineon’s CSS Division. His background is centered around driving value for the company, defining the go-to market and partnership strategies, generating design-wins and revenue growth.

Ganesh Guruswamy image

Guruswamy Ganesh brings more than thirty years of senior semiconductor engineering experience. Guruswamy led Product Development at Western Digital as Senior Vice President and built engineering teams earlier at AMD and Freescale.

Board of Directors

Daniel McCranie image

J. Daniel McCranie is a retired semiconductor executive, currently serving on public and private technology boards.

Mr. McCranie is currently serving as a director at Enovix Corporation (NASDAQ: ENVX). He has previously served as non-executive chairman of ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ ONNN), non-executive chairman of Freescale Semiconductor (NASDAQ: FSL), non-executive chairman of Actel Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTL), executive chairman of Virage Logic (NASDAQ: VIRL), non-executive chairman of Xicor Corporation (NASDAQ: XICO), and executive chairman of SEEQ Technology (NASDAQ: SEEQ). He has also served as board director at Cypress Semiconductor (NASDAQ: CY), California Microdevices (NASDAQ: CAMD) and ASTT Corporation.

As an operating executive, Mr. McCranie has served as President and CEO of SEEQ Technology and chairman and CEO of Virage Logic. Previous to those roles, Mr. McCranie served in a senior executive capacity with semiconductor companies, including Advanced Micro devices, Harris Corporation, AMI Corporation and Signetics Corporation. Previous to his senior executive roles, Mr. McCranie served as a design engineer and engineering manager in the aerospace and computer peripheral industries.

Mr. McCranie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Tony Alvarez image

Mr. Alvarez currently serves as CEO of Solaria. Prior to that he held C-Level roles at Altierre, Aptina Imaging, Advanced Analogic Technologies, and Leadis Technology. Mr. Alvarez also served as Senior Vice-President of the Memory Products Division at Cypress. He served on the Boards of ChipMOS Technologies, SunEdison, and SunEdison Semiconductor, where he was a Chairman, and Validity Sensors. Mr. Alvarez earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Ahmad Chatila image

Ahmad Chatila is Managing Partner of Fenice Investment Group, a position he has held since 2017. He is the co-Founder of NexGen Power Systems Inc. and serves on its Board of Directors. He is the co-founder of FTC Solar and has served as a member of the board of directors since January 2017. Mr. Chatila also serves on the board Dimension Energy LLC, since co-founding it in 2018. Mr. Chatila was also the transformation architect at Enphase Energy Inc. from 2017 to 2020. Mr. Chatila previously served as Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors of SunEdison from 2009 to 2016. Prior to joining SunEdison, Mr. Chatila served as Executive Vice President of Memory and Imaging Division of Cypress and head of Worldwide Operations from 2005 to 2009. Mr. Chatila also serves on the boards of the private companies Akra Inc., Ohmium, Inc. Biggie Inc. and SunEdison Infrastructure Limited. Mr. Chatila previously served as Chairman of the board of TerraForm Power Inc and TerraForm Global Inc. Mr. Chatila holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University, a Master of Science, Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and has completed the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford University.

Ramanathan image

Dr. Ramanathan is one of the founders of NexGen Power Systems. Prior to NexGen, Dr. Ramanathan was the CEO of Avogy Inc. where he oversaw the development of vertical GaN technology to build power transistors.

Prior to Avogy, Dr. Ramanathan served as the Executive Vice President at Cypress Semiconductor (NASDAQ: CY) for almost 9 years, where he managed the Programmable Systems Division and the Data Communications Division. He was responsible for products from Cypress that went into cell phones, high definition video systems with the emergence of HDMI, optical finger navigation in cell phones and automobiles. He was also responsible for the flagship product PSoC, including the development of PSoC4, during his tenure at Cypress.

Previously, Dr. Ramanathan held senior marketing and engineering positions at Raza Microelectronics, Raza Foundries, an incubating venture capital company and Forte Design Systems, an electronic design automation company. He started his engineering career at Synopsys, Inc. Dr. Ramanathan holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. He also holds an M.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani, India. He has been awarded two patents.

Shahin Sharifzadeh image

Dr. Shahin Sharifzadeh has over 30 years of semiconductor experience and was most recently the SVP of World-wide Operations at Atmel. Before Atmel, Shahin was the EVP of Technology and World-wide Manufacturing at Cypress.

Stefan Ruff image

Mr. Stefan Rupp is Conducting Officer responsible for investment management and Member of the Board at ACAL Private Equity in Luxembourg. Mr. Rupp has 20 years of international financial industry experience in investment banking, private equity and corporate venture capital in Europe and Asia. At ACAL, Mr. Rupp has led the formation and development of the company as an independent private equity firm, investing long-term capital in growth equity investments in fundamentally strong growing industries. He especially focuses on energy transition and new technologies. Previously, Mr. Rupp worked in investment banking in different positions at Credit Suisse and UBS. Mr. Rupp holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Lou Tomasetta image

Lou Tomasetta was a cofounder and CEO of Vitesse Semiconductor Inc from 1986-2006. Vitesse developed the first manufacturable VLSI process for ultra high speed GaAs integrated circuits.

This led to the rapid deployment of multi-gigabit per sec long distance fiber optic communications systems and gigabit ethernet in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Prior to Vitesse Dr. Tomasetta led a large DARPA project to commercialize GaAs (1981-1984) which eventually became the Skyworks Newberry Park, CA facility that manufactures GaAs Power Amplifiers used by many cell phone manufacturers.

Our global presence

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