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NexGen Power Systems is the premier vertically integrated power electronics company. We design, build, and deliver innovative Power Systems with Vertical GaN™ technology that push the cutting edge of the clean and renewable energy transition.

Our Power Systems are derived from NexGen’s unique scalable, software configurable power platform. Compared to today’s best-in-class Power Supplies – we deliver smaller, lighter and more efficient solutions. From ultra-compact laptop power adapters, to sleeker and smarter lighting designs – from power-efficient hyperscale Data Centers to EVs with longer range, NexGen Power Systems is truly reinventing Power Electronics.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • NexGen’s Mission
  • NexGen Vertical GaN™ power device technology
  • The world’s smallest and most efficient Power Systems
  • NexGen solutions for Computing, Lighting, Data Center, and Electro-Mobility
  • How to engage with NexGen Power Systems


Guruswamy Ganesh,
Chief Systems Officer (CSO), NexGen Power Systems