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NexGen Power Systems is the premier vertically integrated power electronics company. We design, build, and deliver innovative Power Systems with Vertical GaN technology that push the cutting edge of the clean and renewable energy transition.

Our Power Systems are derived from NexGen’s unique scalable, software configurable power platform. Compared to today’s best-in-class Power Supplies – we deliver smaller, lighter and more efficient solutions. From ultra-compact laptop power adapters, to sleeker and smarter lighting designs – from power-efficient hyperscale Data Centers to EVs with longer range, NexGen Power Systems is truly reinventing Power Electronics.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • NexGen’s Mission
  • NexGen Vertical GaN® power device technology
  • The world’s smallest and most efficient Power Systems
  • NexGen solutions for Computing, Lighting, Data Center, and Electro-Mobility
  • How to engage with NexGen Power Systems


Guruswamy Ganesh,
Chief Systems Officer (CSO), NexGen Power Systems